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INTRODUCTIONDiscover the history of Canna Country Inn and the mission and purpose of owners Daniel and Susan Ruffner.

How Canna got its name: We often wondered how the inn got its name, Canna Country Inn. We thought it was some exotic reason, but then we discovered that the original B and B owners were Cal and Nancy and they simply used the abbreviations in their name and shortened it into Canna. And so there's nothing exticing or exotic about the name, just Cal and Nancy turned it into a short version of their name. So Canna Country Inn was created.

Daniel and Susan Ruffner are the current owners of Canna Country Inn.

History: Daniel: Canna Country Inn was originally built as a bank barn in 1853. They built it like that so that animals and equipment could enter the building from upstairs or downstairs without having to go up stairs or any kind of equipment to raise them up and down.

All the stones that you see here in the barn either came right out of the local Earth or from the river, the Susquehanna River. It's about 2 miles down. They were all hauled in by hand on horse and buggy.

Canna was constructed as a post and beam barn built by Russian immigrants as they went through the country to build these things and they constructed them by morticing out slots, marking them in the field and then bringing them into the building and then constructing them completely without nails. They would drill holes into joints and drive wooden pegs in. You can still see a lot of those today in the barn.

Susan (pointing in video): So this is the beam with the mortice and the tendon and the notches in the pegs, and the slots where they marked it in the field, and then they'd bring it back in and put it together.

Daniel: Originally built to be a barn for a peach orchard, the last owners that we knew of lived next door in a log house. They had 10 children, the mother died at the birth of the last child. Then a developer bought the entire farm and turned this unit into a dwelling and a gentleman's club called The Irish Mist.

It was turned into a bed and breakfast in 1993. We get a lot of questions about bed and breakfast's like "will I be staying in Aunt Sara's bedroom, or" - a lot of people are worried about that.

The unique thing about Canna Country Inn is that it's actually a huge historic barn that you can stay in. Staying here is like being a part of history. That just gives us a lot of pleasure to serve people here at Canna.

When we originally bought the inn, all the rooms were named. We did change a couple of names, but they are not named for themes or anything, they're just - the tack room for instance is - it does have the actual wooden hooks and everything in there still where the saddles and bridles and everything were kept when it originally was a farm.

Now we were originally thinking of a respite for pastors, missionaries and that kind of thing, and this just lent itself so nicely to family reunions and then later we decided to try to do weddings - and that's turned out to be really nice. We do 10 to 12 weddings a year. Also, the family reunions, they just love it because it's so big and there's plenty of room for the odd Uncle or the Grandparent, the kids can run off and be by themselves and everybody's not in everybody's way.

So we get a lot of - the main comment is the pictures don't do it justice.

We started looking for B and B's in 2006, 2007 and then actually purchased this in 2008. We fell in with the barn when we came in it because it was so strong structurally and it was very homey, so we liked that about it - it wasn't frilly or Victorian. And since then we have been trying to increase the business with pastors, missionaries, give respite to those who really need it. So it's a great place just to come and relax and meditate or study or just get away from everything.

Canna is located on three and a half acres. There's a lower cove that a lot of brides get married in., but it's a great place for just a couple of hours in a hammock or a swing, and there's also some walking trails down by the creek, a great place to go and meditate, it's really pretty this time of year.

Daniel (pointing in video): Here's our creek, there's the latest example of a dam by the last family that stayed here. The kids are always building a dam in the creek, there's a new dam every new family reunion, so of course then the first big rain washes it out, but they all leave their mark before they go.

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